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What We Do At Inside Position

What We DoGrowing Your Business Is Our Business

We design ,build and manage custom Facebook Pages, Websites, WordPress , Twitter and many more!. By combining  the most powerful Social Media sites we create a platform for your business to be easily found by your customers and clients, while also expanding your customer base.

Inside Position takes all of the tedious monotony and guess work of setting up a Social Media Marketing Plan. This frees your time up for focusing on your customers,  products & services.

Facebook Marketing For Business

It takes more than just a Facebook profile to be considered marketing on Facebook. Your business fan page store front needs to be captivating and professional. We custom design and build your fan page to fit your business needs and increase your sales. Inside Position will setup your business Facebook Page, build your fan base, create your Facebook advertising campaign and maintain and manage it for you. Understand the Power Of Facebook Marketing by CLICKING HERE

Twitter Marketing

Twitter beats all other sites as being the fastest moving Social Media site… ever. You can’t tweet once per week and expect results. Twitter is a high maintenance distraction from taking care of your customers. Inside Position will create a custom Twitter for you business, grow your Twitter following, and manage your Tweets. Understand the Power of Twitter Marketing by CLICKING HERE

WordPress For Social Media Marketing

We design build and manage everything! Custom well thought out blogs with pictures and back links !Inside Position creates and maintains a WordPress site for your business for the purpose of creating more backlinks to your traditional main website to increase it’s Google Page Rank, to give your customers another platform to leave you feedback, to create more “Real Estate” on the web for your business, and to give the Social Network sites an easy site to “Share” across the internet. Plus, WordPress sites were just designed for ranking on Google, and Google loves WordPress sites. Another bonus for your business being found. And Inside Position will handle your wordpress site for you so you don’t have the hassle of managing another website.  Understand more about WordPress For Social Media Marketing by CLICKING HERE

*We will handle other Social Media sites such as LinkedIn and Pinterest upon request.

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Each business we work with requires a specialized Social Media Marketing Plan. For customized packages contact us for special pricing and services for your business.