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Facebook Management

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The Power Of Facebook Marketing For Business

High-End  Custom Facebook Fan Page Design and Full Management Team

Facebook Marketing

Your business fan page store front needs to be captivating and professional. We custom design and build your fan page to fit your business needs and increase your sales. We Build And Manage Everything, providing the content ,pictures and graphics for every post ! Even if you have a mediocre Facebook page we will turn into a more profitable page.With over 10 years in graphic design experience  your Facebook page will look like a mini website with all the features and options custom fit for your business.

Facebook Pages, known as Fan Pages, are designed for businesses, brands, companies, products and celebrities. Being a business owner and having a personal profile page just isn’t enough, in fact, Facebook discourages a business from  setting up a personal profile.  Those are reserved for people, and with personal profiles having a maximum of 5,000 friends allowed, it caps the growth of your business fan base. Business Fan pages can generate Millions of likes and followers.

A Fan Page enables public figures, organizations and other entities to create an authentic and public presence on Facebook.  Use different pages to target different sets of people. Take new users to a page that encourages them to ‘Like’ you or to a page they would find interesting enough to keep coming back. Members/fans can be directed to the wall or a game page that might interest them.

Facebook AdsFactor in the capability of placing promotions/ads in the sidebar of Facebook based off of a Facebook users previous likes, preferences, status updates and comments,,, and now we’re talking about full inclusion and interaction for your customer base.

How big of a potential customer base are we talking here?

We’re talking global.

50% of the 850+ million users login to Facebook every 24 hours.

Facebook Mobile

200 million of them are viewing Facebook from their cell phone while they are already out shopping, running errands or at work. Plus, people that use Facebook on their mobile devices are twice as active on Facebook.

More than 30 BILLION pieces of content (weblinks, news stories, blog posts, pictures etc) are shared every month, which is an average of 7 BILLION pieces a week.

The average Facebook user creates 90 pieces of content each month.

Viral Marketing

Viral Marketing Effect

Many of those pieces of content are status updates about where they are and what they are doing. If your Facebook fanpage has a physical address your clients and customers can “check in” and show off that they are at your place of business or using your product or services.

They can comment about their experience with your business right on your profile, they can share your profile on their wall for their friends to see. This is the simplest form of Viral Marketing.

Facebook isn’t just about having an online presence, it’s about engaging and communicating with your business’s audience to gauge your customer’s wants, needs, preferences so that you can serve them better, and increase your profits in return.

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