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How It All Works

How The Social Media Pieces Fit Together

Social Media ConnectionsSocial Media is a process.

Once it’s setup it doesn’t just run on its own either.

It requires maintenance and interaction with customers that visit your networking sites.

The Social Media process allows for businesses to:

Social Media Funnel1. Identify negative customer experiences quickly and resolve them and turn them into positive customer service experiences. This enables business owners to turn problems into solutions.

2. Directly influence the “social buzz” about a business. By being actively involved with what customers are saying about your products and services you can greatly reduce the spread of negative comments on the internet.

3. Encourage customers to share their positive experiences with your business. Your best advertising is the recommendations from your current customers and clients. There is more trust from your readers seeing  your customers posting their positive experiences directly on your social sites with their social profile rather than you posting their testimonies on your traditional website.

The Social Media Process:

Identify Target MarketStep 1 – Identify. Know who your audience is. Who uses your products and services and why? What do they want from you? Where are you going to find them? How are they going to find you? This step also involves creating the social sites for them to be able to find you.

Step 2 – Create. Post your online content to your sites. Content includes: Status updates (for your social network sites), posts and pages on your site, online articles, videos, tutorials, product info, services info, etc. Online content is considered to be any piece of information that you post anywhere on the internet.

online syndicationStep 3 – Syndicate. Syndication is the process of spidering your content all over the internet and allows your content to be seen by the largest audience. This is where Facebook, Twitter and other social networks play their part. The more places your content is scattered across the internet the more people that will see it and potential share it. This technical term for online content being shared is Viral Marketing. The more natural and less automated this process is the more effective it is.

Step 4 – Communicate. Communication always has 2 sides.  The communication received from your audience (customers) allows you to gauge their perception of your business. Their lack of feedback from your customers can also help you gauge their perceptions and whether or not they are even listening or seeing your message.  If you’re not receiving feedback from your customers most likely they aren’t even seeing you online. The second part of communication is you responding. Which actually comes at the end of Step 5.Social Media Process

Step 5 – Evaluate. There’s no point in feedback if you aren’t evaluating your customer’s experience and improving on the products and services that you provide to them. They want to have a reason to give you feedback in the first place, the reason they give it to you is to see the results of what they say and to know they are being heard. Complete the communication process by letting your audience know that they are being heard and appreciated.

Repeat The Process – Always be identifying who your target audience is and the best way to contact and communicate with them.  Remember that without your customers and clients, you are out of business. Social Media is the best way to engage your customers and discover what they really want.

As a business owner your main concern is with listening, engaging and analyzing what your customers want.  Performing all the tedious details of managing Social Media sites is not the best use of your time. The best use of your time is taking the information gathered from your customers, analyzing it and producing a better product and service for them.  Which in turn will create a more profitable business for you.

All of the tedious and technical aspects of Social Media are usually of little interest to business owners. That is why they seek out a company of experts in Social Media to manage it for them.  That’s what we do at Inside Position. Click Here and see exactly how we can manage your online prescience and Social Media marketing.