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Twitter Marketing

The Power Of Twitter Marketing

twitter marketingTwitter offers immense potential for effective Viral Marketing virtually free of cost. The essence of Viral Marketing is to spread the word fast to a large number of people and no other social network (be it Facebook, Myspace or any other) can match Twitter’s speed and effectiveness in getting the message across to millions of people.

Because of the speed of Twitter it requires Tweeting and ReTweeting often to stay visible and engage your Twitter followers.

Twitter is perfect for initiating contact and grabbing your followers attention.

Twitter Mobile80% o fTwitter usage is on mobile devices, people update anywhere, anytime.  Imagine the power that has for people seeing your tweets and also retweeting them while they are on the go. (On the flipside you can also imagine what that means for bad customer experience.)

That is why it is so crucial for you to be the one influencing what is being Tweeted about your business’s products and services.

Twitter now states that 95m tweets are written each day,  at the new rate of growth, its calculated that there are nearly 4m tweets per hour.

How many of those Tweets are about you?

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Twitter Marketing