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WordPress For Social Media Marketing

wordpress blogAre blogs really considered Social Media sites?  You bet they are!

Any site that allows for user interaction where your audience can get in on the conversation is a Social Media site. Even though blogs aren’t necessarily designed for Networking it is another platform for creating a connection with your customers.

Why Do I Need A WordPress Blog When I Already Have A Website?

More real estate on the web!

You can never have too much “web estate”. The more places that your customers can find you the more likely they are to find you. Plus, Google prefers blogs over traditional websites and is more likely to show them in search results.

Blogs are interactive. Your customers can comment on your pages and they can share your content easily on Facebook, Twitter and other Social Sites.  A traditional webpage does not have that capability.

Your WordPress Blog is like your central hub on the internet.

Blog FunnelSocial sites can easily connect with your blog.  And your blog connects to your main site.  Allowing you to:

1. Provide a platform for your customers to share your product and services.

2. Create more backlinks to your main site (improving your main site’s Search Engine page rank)

3. Create another location for your customers to interact and give feedback on your products and services.


A WordPress blog increases your customer’s ability to find you online and share your products and services with their circle of friends. It doesn’t make sense to NOT have a WordPress site for your business.

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